The Nextcloud Conference was COOL

The Nextcloud Conference was COOL

After joining the Hub 5 video recording event and making a video about it, I couldn't miss the Nextcloud Conference! So, let's talk a bit about what I saw and heard.

Of course, the very first thing was the announcement of the new Hub 6. This mainly focused on (a) ways to work in a healthy way, e.g. by turning off notifications outside work hours, postponing e-mails, and so on; and (b) ethical AI integration. In this context, "ethical" means that (1) the training data should be freely available and (2) the model should be run locally so that you don't have to send your data to e.g. OpenAI. They announced a LLM called Nextcloud Assistant which would run locally and do stuff like summarizing emails. I'm quite excited to see how that goes.

The place was really cool as well. I spent most time in the kitchen area, which had a great view of the talk area, and had some nice tables I could use for hacking. Which I did: I will do videos about this very soon, but I'm happy to report I managed to build I couple of KDE Plasma features while eating Nextcloud-provided cookies. Living the best life.

Soon enough, some even cooler talks came along.

The coolest one in my humble opinion was The fourth sector by Simon Phipps. He talked about representing what we do - Open Source™ - to large governmental institutions such as EU. Of course, he covered some of the legislations that are coming soon, such as the CRA (I had just published a video about it, so it was particularly interesting :-). If you're intrigued by this, fear not: I will have a video about this talk specifically soon.

But of course, I wasn't the only KDE developer.

I only snapped a picture of Carl, but actually there were at least a couple more. And there are even blogposts about that, so check those out too:

Nextcloud Conference 2023
Last weekend I attended this year’s Nextcloud conference in Berlin, together with a few other fellow KDE contributors.

I also met a lot of super cool Nextcloud people, and we chatted quite a lot, it was super cool. Big thanks to Brent @ Linux Unplugged for telling me everything about how he does podcasting and showing me the Framework laptop around. I had to run away to the airport without being able to say "bye" to anyone, though, so please forgive me!

So, what's going to happen now?

Well, firstly, I will record and publish the video about Simon's talk. I will also start scripting a video specifically about Hub 6, though I haven't had the chance to test all of its functionalities yet, and I want the video to cover those as well. So, great news: lots of Nextcloud content is coming soon and it's going to be as cool as ever. Fun fact: I actually do use Nextcloud to organize everything in my Youtube channel!

Thanks everybody for tuning in, and see you soon with more content on my main page!