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Maksa vastaanottajalle Niccolò Venerandi käyttämällä PayPal.Me-palvelua
Siirry osoitteeseen ja näppäile summa. Maksaminen tapahtuu PayPalissa, joten se on helppoa ja turvallista. Eikö sinulla ole PayPal-tiliä? Ei hätää.

Paypal is the easiest way to donate. It's a one-time donation but does not come with any kind of benefit. It has a small fee that I have to pay for donations, but it's absolutely acceptable.

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Patreon is the most complete way to set up a recurring donation; there are various tiers you can choose from, and each has different rewards (such as exclusive blog posts, podcast-like content, and polls). It does have a significant fee for donations, though.

Ko-Fi (link here) has the same tiers and can handle both one-time and recurring donations with no fees at all. It's probably my favorite platform, though it's not as used as the above-mentioned ones.

niccolove’s profile - Liberapay
I’m a KDE Developer :D I created many features for the Plasma desktop to make theming more powerful. I’m also working on making the creation of themes more accessible to …

Liberapay is open-source, which is very nice; however, it currently works best for one-time donations rather than recurring ones, though I think it's my fault and I plan on addressing that. It has a few fees, but not due to the platform itself.