This will be a quite short post, as I'm still working on getting my studio back, meaning I don't have a lot of time lately. But yeah: I joined the other devs @ Akademy and I even did a quick talk with Marco regarding what Plasma 6 will bring.

Before I start talking about the event itself, though, do let me say that I only managed to join in thanks to the KDE eV, who covered part of the traveling and hotel costs. That's extremely helpful, and I hope to get back to productivity and give back to KDE!

So, how was the event for me? Well, firstly, Thessaloniki had some pretty places:

Big thanks to Arianna for posing for these pictures.

The first two days of talks were very nice, I really liked the university, and I appreciated being able to meet with everyone; it's always quite nice to meet people for the first time, even though this was my third Akademy!

Given that I'm not a morning person at all (the trip didn't help) I missed what appeared to be some really nice keynotes, like one about open-source satellites! I also did not miss some important talks that taught me about the new testing system that KDE is using and - more generally - what is Selenium. In fact, I would say that "Selenium" was the main word of the first day, since it directly correlates to testing, the accessibility API and the energy lab project.

During the three days of BoFs, instead, my brain was completely lagging. I will say that understanding English for days is still quite tough, and often my concentration was entirely on making sure I understood the words rather than on elaborating the information and saying my own opinion. I tried to keep up a bit on BoFs that were important to me (e.g. Plasma and Promo), but eventually, my mind was elsewhere, so I often left Uni early :-(

Instead, the organization of the "free time" (social event & day trip) was phenomenal. The social event was on a beautiful boat, and I had the pleasure to sit next to Paul and enjoyed talking during the navigation in the sea. The day trip was also super nice (though I'm allergic to museums, sorry :P) and gave me a chance of taking lots of pictures of happy KDE developers:

Finally, on the very last day, I managed to enjoy some hours of training on how Qml and C++ interact; it was quite a pleasure, and it was my first time attending training for me. Sadly I had no working laptop with me (long story...) so I couldn't do exercises and such; I also had to leave early to head to the airport.

So, this is it! It has been a very nice week, even though I always felt a bit headach-y (and I really missed having a working laptop). I have to say, after each Akademy I'm always even more excited to attend yet another one!

I Went To Akademy!